Mentorship Programs


Do you want to level up your pole skills?

What if you could make more progress in the next 4 weeks than you've made in the last 4 months?

Our passion is creating the highest quality learning experiences for pole dancers. Our Mentorships are curated, progressive 4-week, fully supported training programs developed with the world's best instructors. Together, we bring you the most unique and special pole dancing content and expertise to make your Mentorship journey truly extraordinary.

The goal? To help you level up your pole skills & accelerate your progress. FAST.

Hosted online, you'll meet every week via Zoom for a 90 min workshop, then during the week, you'll practice your skills, and join a community of likeminded dancers. You'll also get extra tips & tutorials throughout the week. And the best part? Every week, you get the option to receive personalised feedback from your instructor on how to improve.

If you love a professionally run program, you've come to the right place. Our dedicated course platform is designed for progressive learning, & your Mentorship is fully supported by our Indi Pole hosting team.

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About Indi Pole Dance

Hey, we are Indi Pole Dance! Established in 2014, Indi Pole Dance is a learning community for pole dancers all around the world. We offer a variety of learning-focused in-person & online training programs & events, including our super-popular Retreats in Bali & Europe, our Online Studio, online Mentorships, Masterclasses & Instructor Training. Wherever you are in the world, our mission is to help you become the best dancer or instructor you can be by delivering industry-leading quality learning experiences both online & in person. We can't wait to dance with you soon!

See you soon!